Send Email Campaigns straight from your SpreadSheet

... and get responses right back in the same Spreadsheet!


Much More than a MailMerge ...

Imagine you are sending invitations to a meeting or a party.

You have your list of contacts in a Google Sheet.

Login to connect with the spreadsheet and just send the invitation.

Each of your contacts will get a personalized email.

Pressing the button will mark that person as "attending" - back in your Spreadsheet!

Want to see it in action? Watch the quick video demo below

Cool, huh? well, keep reading!

Merge spreadsheet data into the email.

Sales figures, scores from contest or tests, you just have to collect the data in the spreadsheet. Then compose the email here at and send the campaign. Hustlr will merge the data from the spreadsheet into the email.

You get the power to personalize your email to any level you want!

Filter contacts - Segmenting for the best results

You have all your data, contacts in one spreadsheet. However, you don't want to blast the same email to all the contacts. You can segment your contacts and send specifically targeted campaigns for each segment! has contact Filters. Use any number of conditions to filter and select the contacts for the specific campaign.

For example, you can send a campaign to contacts who purchased a specific product. Just create a filter that selects the customers of a specific product.

Here is another example: send reminder emails to only those clients who have not paid yet.

Schedule the email for the right time

You can schedule the campaign to be sent out at a specific time. For example, 8 am CST that will make sure that the customers will get to see your email first thing in the morning!

You can schedule the email to be sent out right before Thanks Giving.

Plan ahead and set up your campaign. Hustlr will take care of sending your campaign at the right time!

Combine the power of spreadsheets with your favorite Emailer

One of the major concerns when sending an email campaign is whether the recipients actually receive your email, and even when they receive, will it be filtered out or will the user get to see your email.

With, you have the choice to use any of your favorite email service providers to send out the email campaign.

Here is the full list of email service providers supported at the moment


Amazon SES



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