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How to add buttons to the email and get responses back

It is often quite useful if we can quickly collect responses from the users straight from the email.

For example, imagine you are inviting a bunch of people for a party. You enter the list of all the invitees in the google sheet, set up a campaign here in and send away the invitations.

However, how can the invitees respond and confirm whether they are attending the party?

Here is where the buttons feature comes handy. You can insert one or many buttons in the email. For example, in the case of the party invitation, inert buttons 'Yes I am attending', 'No I can't in the email template. Then add a column in the Google sheet 'attending?'.

Buttons in the email

You can set up the 'Yes attending' button to update the Google sheet to 'yes' when that user clicks on the button.

Responses in Spreadsheet

You can even set a 'cut-off' time to click the button! After the expiry date, the clicks on the button will not be counted.

By the time you are preparing the party, you will have the list of everyone who has confirmed.

This is just one example of how you can use this feature.

In addition to updating the Google Sheet, you can attach other actions to the button as well.

  • You can just show a simple message
  • Redirect to a web page

Here are the steps to create an email campaign that collects responses from your users.

Create the campaign

If not already created, create a new campaign and select the source Spreadsheet that contains the list of contacts.

Press the 'Buttons' tab. Then press "New Button" to create a new button. Create a new button

A Button Editor Page opens

Button Editor Page

You can edit the label and color of the button in the first part of the Button Editor. In the bottom part, select the actions to perform when the button is clicked.

  1. Update a cell in the sheet
  2. Enter the name of the column and the value to be updated in the cell when the button is pressed.
  3. Show a message
  4. You can show a simple message when the user presses the button
  5. Send to a web page
  6. Provide a URL here. Hustlr will redirect the user to that page

Press "Add Button" to create the button.

Press "New Button" again to create more buttons.

Insert the Buttons in the email template

After adding the buttons, click on the 'Email Template' tab. You have to insert the buttons in the email template.

Scroll down and click on the link 'Buttons'. Then copy the button short-code to the email template. Button in Email Template

After editing the email template, press the 'preview' button. Preview will show you how the button will look like in the email.

Once you are ready with the email template, proceed to send the campaign.


The Spreadsheet updates are done in batches. So there can be a delay of up to 20 minutes before you see the updates in the spreadsheet after the user clicks the button.