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How to send emails only to a subset of contacts in the SpreadSheet

Sometimes you may not want to send the email to all the contacts in the Google sheet. Without filtering, you are forced to create another Google Sheet with only the selected contacts.

With filtering, you can select a subset of contacts from the Google Sheet to receive the email.

For example, suppose the google sheet contains the list of all your customers. You want to send a reminder email to those who have not paid the dues. Just create a campaign with the filter that will select those who have not paid (For example, the "paid?"" column is blank)

Google sheet with customers paid and not paid

In create a campaign. In the Contact Filters tab, select "Contacts matching conditions".

Then add the conditions. In this case, we want to select only those with the 'paid' column blank/empty. Add  Condition

Press the '+' button to add the condition. Condition added

Proceed to compose the email template.

Press the 'Preview' button to preview the emails that will be sent out. The preview will show only those rows that match the condition. You can use 'preview' to verify that the emails will indeed reach only those matches the filter conditions.

Once you are ready, proceed to send out the campaign.